How I Armchair BEA

Hello and welcome to my blog if you haven't been here before ^_^. My name is Sandy and this will be my first year participating in Armchair BEA.

Armchair BEA is a cool event created for those of us who are unable to enjoy BEA(Book Expo America) in person but still wish to in spirit.

I don't have any images of myself on hand so you'll have to suffer by looking at this scruffy cuteness right here.

That's my dog Maxie and unlike my friend's cat he leaves my books perfectly alone.

Who are you, and how do you Armchair?
Scribing Shadows is a book blog that focuses mainly on featuring and reviewing YA books and graphic novels and when I say graphic novels I also mean manga and comic books. I do however on occasion feature adult and middle grade books :).

I am from the Cayman Islands which is South of Cuba and left of Jamaica, and is a set of 3 very tiny islands in the Caribbean. I started blogging late 2009 and although I'm basically flying by the seat of my pants I enjoy talking about books and love the blogging community.

Most of my BEA stalking will be taking place from the semi-comfort of my office chair at work where I'll be sporadically checking the tweets of the lucky bloggers and authors who got to go to BEA this year.

Thanks again for stopping by my blog and if you enjoy manga/graphic novels or would like to give them a try then click the countdown widget above this post and enter my giveaway :).


  1. Wow, I like your blog! I'm glad I found you! Enjoy Armchair BEA!

  2. Aww a doggie! My doggie Boomer is my reading buddy. ;) So glad I stopped by your blog!

  3. You need to come teach me about comics I'm woefully undereducated! But I'm so glad you're participating in Armchair BEA with us.

  4. It is very rare to find a girl who is into comics. Awesome! Have you, by any chance, come across with Captain Jack Sparrow? Just asking.


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